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Tips to Avoid Slips and Falls this Winter

Tips to Avoid Slips and Falls this Winter

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Alberta winters can be harsh. Blowing snow, frigid temperatures and ice can create hazardous conditions that can send you or a loved one to the emergency room. This is particularly true in Alberta which has the second highest rate of serious personal injuries due to slip and falls in the country. Follow these easy tips to decrease the likelihood of suffering a personal injury in a slip and fall accident this winter:

Ice and snow mean take it slow

You can decrease the risk of personal injury this winter by taking it slow. Take shorter steps, watch where you’re going and give yourself more time to get there. Spending a couple of extra minutes getting to your destination can save you hours in the ER!

Put the boots to winter

Wearing boots or proper footwear with non-slip soles gives you more traction on ice and snow and decreases your risk of being injured in a slip and fall. Put away your fancy loafers and high heels to make sure you stay safe this winter!

Go hands free

Keeping your hands free while walking improves your balance and can help you safely navigate winter roads and pathways. Wear gloves to keep your hands warm and out of your pockets, bring a backpack so you don’t have to carry heavy items by your side, and put away your phone. You can send that message or text when you safely get to where you’re going!

Take the road well travelled

Walk on designated paths or sidewalks as these areas are more likely to have been cleared of ice and snow. Be particularly careful when winter weather warms up as this can cause snow and ice to melt during the day and freeze at night when the temperature drops. These icy conditions can increase your risk of suffering a personal injury in a slip and fall accident this winter.

Hit the gym

Increasing your muscle strength, core stability and balance decreases your susceptibility to falling so get active and hit the gym. Preventing a fall could be the best thing you do for your health this winter!

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